Where talent is born.
Such could be the short description when talking about ADAM Cup Denmark.
ADAM Cup Denmark, is a spin-off of the ADAC Rallye Cup, which was introduced in Germany in 2015, where the German Motorsports Federation wanted to create a class to nurture and develop new German rally talent, which has been successful over time.
But the Cup became so popular in the 7 years it was held that no less than 14 nations, including 3 Danish teams, took part and it was a huge success.
The project period of the Cup in Germany was originally 5 years, but due to its success, the Cup ended up running for 7 years.
As the Cup was originally to end in 2020, a private inactive group in Denmark decided, already in 2019, to continue this Cup in Denmark, albeit under smaller and Danish conditions, for and in an attempt to develop some talent in Denmark.
ADAM Cup Denmark was born and a reality, and the first season there were 10 cars ready to compete in the Cup. The cars being made and designed to be a talent Cup car, where they wanted to make sure that competition was the element and not size of the purse, allowed them to develop this unique rally car, which has all the right Rally car elements, and based on a car with formidable driving characteristics.
This means that the cars are built on an Opel ADAM, in which they have installed a moderately tuned 1.6l engine with about 142HK, a 5-speed sequential gearbox, big brakes from the big brother Opel Corsa OPC, and the well developed undercarriage from Reiger, and all this build at the German engineering company Holzer, under the name Performance GmbH, for Opel Motorsport, with German precision and expertise.
This made the car a real talent development rally car that was solid, and easy to maintain, based on the well documented specifications from Performance GmbH.
Based on this, this is the only and right choice for new upcoming talents in Danish Rally sport, even though the Rally Committee has tried many alternatives, and the International Motorsports Organisation FIA has also made classes it should fit into, but there has never been anything that hit the spot like this, where economy and performance go hand in hand, which here 8 years after the start of the Cup in Germany, still makes this car the right one.
The cup is held in Denmark under private conditions, still from the original inactive group, and they are still working to spread the message to newcomers that here is the car you must learn to drive, because it has the driving characteristics, so it is you who must manage and develop to drive a car only 142HK, where you learn that you are penalised if you brake too early, fail to find the optimum corner, and take advantage of the opportunity to make the car slide into the corner at high speed and thus get the maximum possible exit from the corner, which makes you win.
In the 2022 season, there are 7 teams entered in the Cup competing for the trophy
Lasse Karlshøj / Isabell Kvick Jørgensen
Jesper Borgaa Fischer / Jacob Beyer Larsen
Anders Hartwig / Louise Christiansen
Patrick Brill Clausen / Harald Søndergaard
Casper Algren Jensen / Jesper Lykke Rasmussen
Michael Broberg Sørensen / Niels Gramstrup
Henrik Larsen/ Carina Haar
There is a team with Lasse Karlshøj and Isabella Kvick Jørgensen, who have completely distinguished themselves and it turns out that Lasse's Go-Kart training and participation at high level, where Lasse comes from, really pays off in that car, and they have really shown talent and thus they are also high in the general classification in Danish Rally.
After that Jesper Borgaa Fischer / Jacob Beyer Larsen, Anders Hartwig / Louise Christiansen & Patrick Brill Clausen / Harald Søndergaard, are in a tough battle for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, so it will be interesting to see how the results look like when the season is over.
In addition to the drivers in ADAM Cup Denmark, the cars also run in class RC5 in the Danish Rally Championship, and here the cars also prove to be extremely competitive, even if they are on paper inferior in terms of power, but if you manage to use the car to the utmost then you can keep up, which means that ADAM Cup teams in this class are also on hold via 2, 4 and 5 place. Follow ADAM Cup Denmark at www.adamcupdenmark.dk or on Facebook Adam Cup Denmark.
We are also looking forward to celebrating the winners of the Opel Adam Cup 2022 at Rally Stoholm 🏆