What is rallying and what does it really mean for the drivers, for the spectators and for the landowners?

Jeannette Kvick tells:

Unlike many other motor sports, the rally is held on public roads, which are closed off in cooperation with the police and the municipality. The barriers are prepared by professionals who are continuously updated through training at our union DASU - Danish Automobile Sports Union.
Rally Stoholm September 29th & 30th will this year be the final of the Danish Championship and here all Danish champions will be crowned with a party in Stoholm hall on Saturday evening. But before that, all participants have driven several divisions around the country to finally fight for the title of Danish Champion and this year it will be Rally Stoholm 🙂
What does it mean to give permission for a vehicle to pass my property?
Basically, for a given period of time, typically 2 hours x 2, we 'lock you in'. We can compare it to the weekend bike race (although you didn't have to give your permission there) where the road was blocked off and you couldn't get in/out while the cyclists went by.
But not to frighten you with the words 'locked up', I should add that there is ALWAYS an immediate stop if there is an emergency need for help for you, your relatives or your animals.
Unintentional driving ALWAYS has 1st priority and EVERYTHING is stopped.
Rally Stoholm has a really good and close cooperation with Sommers Ambulanceservice - www.sommersambulanceservice.dk - which means that during the ENTIRE event, paramedics will be present throughout the local area. This means that should help be urgently needed, help is incredibly close! 🙂 You will find that along the routes there will be people wearing orange vests and with a radio who are in close communication with the test director who is in turn in close contact with the race management inside the rally centre.
What if something happens to my property?
As a DASU athlete, everyone is covered by insurance through their licence. In addition, all participants have a deductible which must be paid in case of damage to another person's property. So there is no need to worry - but if you still have doubts, there is always the possibility of an extra barrier in the form of a straw bale or something else that can stand in between. Have a chat with us and we'll find a solution.
What about our horses, pigs, cows and sheep?
Animals usually react by not caring. Experience shows that it is the sound of the first participant that may startle them, but then the sounds usually don't bother them anymore. We have a fairly precise schedule and so there is also the possibility that you can plan to possibly pull the animals in if you think it is better.
Rally is several tests in several places in the local area according to a schedule prepared by the race organizers. Rally Stoholm will start on Friday late afternoon in Stoholm town and then continue to Kjeldberg where Kjeldberg citizens association and volunteers will provide spectators with food/drink while watching the rally and the security people have made sure that everything is cordoned off properly. Stoholm Town will also be in good spirits and there will be something for the palate at selected public points. The whole event will be repeated one more time after the participants have passed by the Stoholm hall to have their rally car checked by their mechanics.
On Saturday, the people behind the Mønsted, Lånum, Daugbjerg and Stoholm associations will be the anchor points behind a LOT of entertainment besides the rally drivers in their cool rally cars.
Without giving too much away I can say that there will be big screens, keggers, entertainment and, and, and 🙂
All this would NEVER be possible without the HUGE support of the local community but also of the local sponsors who back it up financially. And at the same time we, the people behind Rally Stoholm can give back by ALL sales during the weekend going directly to the associations in respectively: Stoholm, Lånum, Kjeldberg, Daugbjerg and Mønsted.
So the event is not only a HUGE sporting event but also a business that ultimately benefits all of you in one way or another 🙂
I hope that this might be an answer to some of your questions or wonders that you are going around with and you are always welcome to contact me or call 50457416 with any other questions or if you think that you would like to be actively part of Rally Stoholm 🙂
I am, as an active international motorsports practitioner MEGA proud that rallying in and around Stoholm can be done and we can deliver an event of THE caliber that this year's edition will be, gives me close to goosebumps and I look forward like a little child to sit in our 'Pusle' and drive through all the tests and see that the support and the huge amount of work people have put into the project, bears fruit!!