Other helpers

We are proud that once again this year we are getting invaluable help from the civic associations in the cities where we plan to drive.

Below they introduce themselves.

Stoholm Borgerforening:

When Stoholm Borgerforening was asked in 2022 if we wanted to be involved in the planning of Rally Stoholm, the answer was simple and straightforward: OF COURSE!!!

It is a great honor for Stoholm to put its name to the rally and, together with the neighboring towns, to be allowed to host a rally of this caliber. We are now firmly on the rally map - both within and outside Denmark.

Planning an event of this size calls for much of what Stoholm Borgerforening stands for, namely SUPPORT, VOLUNTEERING, COOPERATION AND COLLABORATION.

It is a pleasure to meet the support and goodwill when collecting signatures from the affected landowners. It is fantastic to see how many people volunteer for small and large tasks in connection with the organization of Rally Stoholm.

It's heartwarming to see the people of Stoholm stand together on the routes and Rally Corner and support Rally Stoholm and the great work behind it.

And last but not least, it has expanded and strengthened a collaboration that is absolutely priceless. This applies to the collaboration with the entire team behind Rally Stoholm, Stoholm Fritids- og Kulturcenter, Stoholm Handelstandsforening and our neighboring towns. Stoholm Borgerforening is of course also involved in the planning of Rally Stoholm 2024, and we can already promise you that a Rally Corner will pop up again this year somewhere on the city test route, where we, together with Stoholm Slagter, look forward to welcoming speed and party enthusiasts. Stoholm Borgerforening is involved in much more than Stoholm Rally, and you can read more about it on our website: stoholmby.dk


Kjeldbjerg is a small village with approx. 275 inhabitants, 10 km south of Skive in central Jutland.

The city is located in a slightly hilly area, surrounded by a lot of gravel and dirt roads, which provides great opportunities for some exciting rally experiences, both for the rally drivers and the audience.

Kjeldbjerg is an active village with a great sense of community and lots of events throughout the year. These include the town's beautiful and unique granite square, where we often meet for a beer and a chat.

Livsnerven - Kjeldbjerg Kulturhus is also an active part of the town. It hosts a Shrovetide party, communal dining, various concerts and parties, Halloween Disco for children, Christmas Bingo and not forgetting the town festival, in which almost the entire town is involved.

The city's many independent businesses are also a great asset to the city, both with sponsorships and help at city events.

In Kjeldbjerg we have a well-functioning kindergarten that attracts many families with children.

We've also just established a team of city janitors to keep the city clean and tidy.

Kjeldbjerg also has a sports club where they train and play football in the best style 😊 (the club is especially famous for being good in the 3rd half 😊)

Around Kjeldbjerg there is a beautiful nature trail, which together with the many field and gravel roads, provides great opportunities for cycling and hiking. Especially when there is NO RALLY 😊

Finally, a BIG and HEARTY WELCOME to STOHOLM RALLY in Kjeldbjerg.

We are excited to be a part of this event, and everyone is welcome to join us for a Pulled Pork burger, a sausage and a Hancock beer on the square on September 28th.

In the spring of 2022, we in Kjeldbjerg Borgerforening were contacted by Stoholm Rally, asking if we would like the rally to come past/through Kjeldbjerg. As we in the town's associations saw it as a really good and exciting event that could give the town and the area an experience, and maybe we in the town's associations could earn a little for sluggish coffers, so we quickly said YES THANK YOU, just come to Kjeldbjerg.

As Kjeldbjerg is an active village with a great sense of community and a lot of committed people, we were able to get signatures to be ready for the rally. The 2022 rally was a huge success in Kjeldbjerg, despite the November rain, many people found their way to the sports field, where the drivers had a route past our sales/dry weather point.

The town was buzzing with life and happy people that night, and many in Kjeldbjerg and the surrounding area still talk about that night as something magical.

The following year, Kjeldbjerg was once again lucky and got a great rally route through Kjeldbjerg and the surrounding area. The weather was as ordered, sunny and 16 degrees. Perfect for seeing and experiencing the rally drivers up close. The town square was filled with happy and expectant people who liked speed, unity and rallying. It was a fantastic day of celebration and speed. The city's citizens ended the day in the city's cultural center Livsnerven, with a communal meal for everyone. A BEAUTIFUL DAY.

The city's many independent entrepreneurs are also a great asset to the city, both with sponsorships and help at the city's events, without them it would be difficult to make the rally event as festive as it was. Thank you to all of them.

Kjeldbjerg is of course also involved in the planning of Rally Stoholm 2024. and we can already promise you that this year there will also be experiences in Kjeldbjerg on Saturday, September 28, from early morning to late afternoon. On the town square we will start with coffee and rolls, later in the morning we will sell pulled pork burgers/sausages and drinks, and this year we are also looking forward to welcoming speed and party-loving people on the square and around Kjeldbjerg.