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Press release about Rally Stoholm - September 26, 2023

Everything is at stake in Rally Stoholm

17 teams have the opportunity to take the overall victory in the Danish Super Rally

This weekend's Rally Stoholm is the final of this year's Danish Super Rally. Across the many different classes, the best rally crew will be chosen and receive gold medals from the Danish Sports Confederation.

Throughout the season, 55 different teams have competed in the Danish Super Rally, and no less than 17 of them have the opportunity to take the most important title in rallying. For some teams, the possibility is of a slightly theoretical nature, but the opportunity is there. As something new this year, double points will be awarded at the end of the season, so where you can score a maximum of 60 points at the four previous rounds of the Danish Super Rally, this time you can score 120 points.

Before Rally Stoholm, Lucas Helin/Mikael Kjellgren, both from Sweden, are in 17th place, 110 points behind the leaders in Dansk Super Rally, Jacob Madsen/Line Nedergaard, Ruds Vedby/Fårvang. Although the Swedish duo's chance of reaching the top is theoretical, it underlines the openness that prevails before Rally Stoholm.

Jacob Madsen/Line Nedergaard come with a fresh victory in the Rally4 class in the East Belgian Rally, but even though they have dominated the class in Denmark this year, they will be challenged in the Danish Super Rally by the crews with four-wheel drive cars in the field, which almost by definition are fighting for the victories in the general classification.

This includes their teammates and last year's winners of Rally Stoholm, Kenneth Madsen/Mette Felthaus, Ruds Vedby/Horsens, who will be competing in their new Citroën C3 Rally2. But also the veterans Ib Kragh/Karsten Isaksen, Juelsminde/Egtved, who won Rally Jylland, and Simon Vallentin/Peter Egholm, Holbæk/Kirke Hyllinge, who have scored top 3 places in all this year's rallies, can reach the top in Danish Super Rally.

A wildcard pair in the showdown is Steen Andersen/Ditte Kammersgaard, Brøndby/Copenhagen. In their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, they have dominated the National5 class and knocked on the top 3 overall. If Rally Stoholm bottles up for them, they can outsmart everyone and conquer more than the class championship they are in line for.

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Simon Vallentin and Peter Egholm chase their first overall victory at Rally Stoholm 

Before Rally Stoholm, Jacob Madsen and Line Nedergaard lead Danish Super Rally 

Press release about Rally Stoholm - September 21, 2023

Danish Super Rally is decided around Stoholm

Rally Stoholm is the final of the Danish Super Rally at the end of September

Everything is at stake in the Danish Super Rally when the grand finale takes place on September 29-30 at Rally Stoholm. Over two days, the Danish rally elite will fight for the seconds that will determine who will hang the gold medals around their necks on Saturday evening in Stoholm Kultur- og Fritidscenter.

"Just like last year, we have put together a rally that will not only be challenging for the participants, but also worth seeing for the spectators," says Jeannette Kvick from the organization group behind Rally Stoholm. "There will be plenty of opportunities to experience good and close rallying in and around Stoholm."

The challenges begin on Friday evening, when the rally field must drive in the dark. At 18.00, the first participants are sent off from Stoholm Culture and Leisure Center. The rally evening starts with the traditional speed test in Stoholm itself, where participants will drive on Oxfordvej, Stadionvej, Søndergade, Højlundsvej, Vesterled, Bakkevej and Industrivej. Then the rally field must drive a speed test on the roads at Skive Airfield, and when they have completed the two speed tests twice, they arrive from 9 pm for the night break at Stoholm Kultur- og Fritidscenter.

On Saturday morning, speed tests will be run south of Daugbjerg and Mønsted, while the afternoon part of Rally Stoholm will be held in the areas east and west of Kjeldbjerg, before the race winners can be announced at 16.30 at Stoholm Culture and Leisure Center.

Over the past month, a sea of flowers has been sprouting and growing on the roadsides in the local area.

"Last year we gave something back to the local community when we planted apple trees on the common area in Tastum, and this year we want to be an even greener rally," says Jeannette Kvick. "In four places - along Bakkevej, Øster Børstingvej, Søgårdsvej and Dybdahlsvej - we sowed flower seeds this summer together with the Civic Association in Daugbjerg, and citizens have recently been able to pick them and put them in a vase at home."

Rally Stoholm's environmental efforts don't stop here.

"We have made an agreement with 5.B. at Stoholm School that the students and their parents will collect returnable packaging at the main spectator locations, and the entire deposit will go to the class fund. At the service area at Stoholm Culture and Leisure Center, the rally teams must also sort their waste at source this year," concludes Jeannette Kvick.

More information about this year's Rally Stoholm can be found at, while in the days leading up to the race you can buy a race program with detailed maps at Stoholm Au2service and Stoholm Culture and Leisure Center.

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On Friday, rally drivers are challenged and rally spectators are entertained as they drive fast in the dark (photo Kim Jepsen)

Over the summer, flowers have sprouted on several roadsides as a gift from Rally Stoholm

Press release about Rally Stoholm - July 10, 2023

Rally Stoholm sows flower seeds

Four locations await a free gift of flowers for the residents of Fjends

Last year, the organizers of Rally Stoholm planted apple trees on the common area in Tastum, and this year the people behind the final of the Danish Super Rally continue the green work in Fjends.

"Just like last year, the rally people want to say thank you for the loan of the beautiful area, and this year we do this by sowing flower seeds in different places in Fjends, and then the area's residents can pick a bouquet for the dining table at home or the desk at work for free this fall," says Jeannette Kvick, Stoholm.

This year's nature project is supported by the civic association in Daugbjerg, which has prepared the areas and sown the seeds. The nature project is supported by Fonden for Andelskasserne i område Nord.

There are four locations where flower seeds have been sown:

  • Along Bakkevej in Stoholm;
  • By Ø. Børstingvej 13 in Lånum;
  • Between Søgårdsvej 14 and 16 at Daugbjerg;
  • Along Dybdahlsvej north of the old watermill at Daugbjerg.

"With this project, we want to show that we really give back for lending the Fjends area for this one weekend a year," says Jeannette Kvick from the organizing group. "It's personally important to me that people understand what a DM final in rally can do for the local area, both financially but also for the community. There are so many locals involved in Rally Stoholm across cities and associations, and I am honored that people voluntarily put so much effort into the event. That's why I really want to give back and what better way than with a fresh and beautiful bouquet of flowers as a thank you."

The flowers are scheduled to bloom in early fall, and then they will be ready for picking when Rally Stoholm takes place on September 29-30."

Captions (photos may be freely cited with attribution):

In the last weekend of September, the rally drivers compete in Rally Stoholm. Beforehand, the citizens of Fjends can pick flowers that the rally people have sown (photo: Kim C. Jepsen).

These are the four places where Rally Stoholm has sown flower seeds.

In the last weekend of September, rally drivers compete in Rally Stoholm.

Press release about Rally Stoholm - April 5, 2023

Rally Stoholm wants to be even greener

The race should not only set high sporting standards

In the last weekend of September, the third edition of Rally Stoholm will be held in the area around Fjends. Like the first two editions, the race counts towards the Danish Super Rally Championships, and it will once again be a rally that helps to set the green agenda in Danish motorsport.

"This year we want to be an even greener rally," says Jeannette Kvick from the organizing group behind Rally Stoholm.

"Last year, we planted apple trees on the common area in Tastum in cooperation with a number of associations, and all the material that the participants received before the start of the race was not packed in plastic bags but in mule bags instead. And the participants will have to bring them with them this year, so they can fill them up again. We expect to print our route book on recycled paper, and we have already reduced our paper consumption as most of the ongoing information to the participants is not on paper, but via the Sportity app. But we're not stopping here."

Immediately after last year's Rally Stoholm - which received great praise from both active participants and the audience - the organization group started planning this year's edition. And the work here has not only consisted of creating a top-class sporting event. More sustainable motorsport has also been a regular agenda item at the planning meetings.

"Rally Stoholm will offer speed with care for the environment and nature and with a focus on sustainability in everything we do," explains Jeannette Kvick.

"This year we want to focus on waste sorting. The participating rally teams cleaned up after themselves at the service area at SP Moulding and the Leisure and Culture Center in Stoholm, but instead of everything ending up in small combustibles, this year there will be source separation. We are in the process of finding a solution so that the waste produced by the participants can be delivered in the fractions processed by Viborg Municipality. Similarly, the plan is also that we, in collaboration with our various catering partners, can also make an effort here and have waste sorting at the large public venues."

A detailed roadmap for the race's sustainability efforts is not yet ready. And this is not because this year's Rally Stoholm will not take place for another six months.

"We are very open to good ideas and input that can help make Rally Stoholm even greener," says Jeannette Kvick. "We are rally people, and there is probably something that is right up our alley that we have overlooked, so we would like to hear from everyone. We are also working on beautifying the Fjends area in collaboration with local associations as a counterpart to the well-known Wild at Heart activities."

Captions (photos may be freely cited with attribution):

The rally people use nature - but the participants and organizers behind Rally Stoholm also want to preserve it (photo: Kim Jepsen).


Apple trees were planted in the run-up to last year's Rally Stoholm, with outgoing MEP Kristian Pihl Lorenzen doing the digging in Tastum (photo: Morten Alstrup).