At Rally Stoholm you will be met by Sommers Ambulance Service who will be ready at the start of each stage.

They tell below what they can offer:


Our Samaritans set high standards in communication, treatment and safety. This ensures the safety of your event. The Samaritans are all volunteers and they help to ensure a quick and efficient treatment of the injured.
We can help with everything from a plaster to calling 112 in case of an accident.

We are often characterised by our eye-catching uniforms, a smile on our face and a sometimes slightly scary look.
Our Samaritans are all trained in the elements of firefighting.

Emergency handler:

Our emergency technicians are trained for a variety of tasks, e.g.

Our emergency treatment team can deal with anything from a bandage on fingers to serious trauma such as head, neck, back, leg etc. with immobilisation equipment to protect the injured from further injury. In addition, they can treat or relieve small and large burns.

they are also trained to take people safely out of cars in case of an accident 

Our emergency medical technicians have the training and legislation to provide medication in these areas.
Heart patients - Diabetic patients - Allergic reactions - Gastric disorders - Fluid deficiency - Severe pain - Asthma.

Our emergency medical technicians are also trained to record ECG, use medical oxygen, apply Venflon,
stethoscopy on lungs, advanced through resuscitation and free airway.

Their training enables them to start the treatment of
possible life-threatening conditions by examining the injured person and, with systematic and professional transfer to the ambulance, to create
the best framework for the patient's investigation.

The core mission of our emergency services is to create security.

Our Emergency Manager can order as

-Emergency handler with "Emergency handler ambulance"
-Emergency handler without "Emergency handler ambulance"

The difference is that with the car we can move in larger areas. we quickly remove the injured safe and sound, so that a possible race can continue, It create a huge safety and security that an "Emergency Ambulance" is on the spot


At Sommers Ambulance Service you will be met by experienced and professional ambulance drivers with extensive experience in prehospital. We make a great effort to ensure that you receive a safe experience, which is why we place high demands on our organisation. The level of professionalism and training is therefore high and complies with all requirements and regulations.

Our ambulances are modern and equipped with all necessary facilities. This enables us to treat and monitor the patient throughout the transport.

We follow Danish law

  1. All our ambulance drivers are licensed.
  2. Ambulances are staffed in accordance with current legislation to ensure that our customers receive a high and professional quality and service.
  3. The ambulances are built and maintained according to Danish standards. Order 1264 of 09/11/18 on ambulances and training of ambulance personnel etc.
  4. Our paramedics are under the authority of the National Board for Patient Safety.

Safety is our core mission and you will therefore be met by professional and experienced paramedics who care about the patient's safety and needs. Our ambulances are also equipped with the latest aids and all relevant equipment.

And our test managers will receive a first aid course through Sommers Ambulance Service so they are 100% ready for the task!